Manali: At The Valley Of Your Goods


Once a silent village nestled within the hills of this state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali was transformed to a bustling city filled with restaurants and resorts in the last decades. Popular among the domestic and foreign tourists alike, Manali delivers an alpine feel even in the summertime, because of stark contrast to this overcrowded and overheated Indian cities.

Surrounded from the endless peaks of the Himalayas, also flanked by the Beas river halfway through town, Manali is truly a spot of stunning views. The high mountains, regarded as a home place of Gods and Goddesses, are appearing down on mountainous valleys, areas filled with wild blossoms, and thick deodar and mountain pine woods

Being close to the tropics, it is surprisingly moist and plump here: large ferns and rhododendrons, yuccas, and even Cannabis Sativa plants are a standard sight. This mountain channel features a flourishing orchards marketplace : you may observe the substantial trees piled down by apples and plums.

This retreat high in the mountains is a favorite honeymoon location.

People trying to find souvenirs can detect both the local cheese along with yams, shawls and traditional artifacts, whilst shopping at the market along the Mall road, the lifeline of Manali. To get a tiny charge, vacationers can pose for photos using Yaks. The Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art houses a collection of traditional gowns, jewelery, green and utensils carvings, which delivers a tourist a glimpse into history, culture and art of this area of ancient inhabitants.

More adventurous spirits can enjoy skiing, mountaineering, rockclimbing, hiking and river rafting.

Manali is an early town. Legend has it that it had been set by Manu, the first person, a mythical character whose ark discovered a resting place here after having a great flood. This would create Manali a mythical part of the racethe place in which the life began anew. Manali literally means”the home of Manu”.

For Hindus, this is a sacred area and its own temples have been seen by pilgrims. That is really a small rock temple in old Manali focused on Manu. In addition, there are temples in nearby Vashist, a small village well known for the warm springs.

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